Revel In The Epitome Of The Best Pineapple Tarts !

Touted as the ‘King of Pineapple Tarts’ by media, The Sunday Times, and Silverkris, the buttery, heavenly classic treats are well-loved by everyone from the young to the young at heart. Freshly-baked in a creative ‘ingot’ shape to symbolise prosperity, the crumbly outer layer of pastry melts in your mouth and is well proportionate to the homemade pineapple jam core made from specially selected pineapples. While most pineapple tarts are sweet, Bakerzin’s golden ingots offer a slight twist with notable hints of spices like cinnamon and cloves. Be sure to stock up on this staple favourite and remember to save some for yourself!

Bakerzin marries tradition and innovation with two new exciting flavours – Fish Floss and Lemongrass, perfect for those looking for alternatives to the classics. The Chinese believes that fish symbolises the abundance of wealth, the absolute choice for the Fish Floss tart. Sink your teeth into the flavourful homemade jam suffuse with a generous blend of fish floss filling and with Bakerzin’s signature butter tart pastry, it gives a nice balance of sweet and savoury.

The unique and aromatic Lemongrass flavour packs a punch in an adorable ‘pineapple’ shape. The first bite into the tart emanates a fragrant energising scent reminiscent of being in a spa. Likewise, the outer layer of the pastry is baked to perfection and beautifully complements this zesty flavour often used in Asian cuisine.

Good Luck Cookies For Wealth & Prosperity

Bakerzin also provides an alternative option for those looking to fill their tables with more variety of sweet treats. The premium buttery good ol’ cookies come in six assorted flavours namely Almond, Peanut, Coffee, Chocolate, Lemon and Black Sesame.

Attractive Packaging Perfect For Gifting

Bakerzin’s decorated tins are best for gifting, with intricate fine lines and elaborate floral patterns to usher in the spring awakening, this is the perfect gift for your in laws and family. Impressive tins leave an indelible impression during gifting and Bakerzin continues to frolic with this idea and have this tradition carry on.

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