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The Best Mooncake, Cheesecakes and Fruit Desserts in Singapore

Give yourself and those you love the very best. Whatever the occasion, whatever the season, whoever you’re with, Bakerzin can provide the perfect dessert to complement. From the specific and the special like snowskin mooncakes to the everyday but no less delicious macarons, you’ll find a complete range of products in our outlets and on our online store. Treat yourself and show your appreciation for the ones you love with Bakerzin today.

The convenience of tart, dessert and snowskin mooncake delivery right to your door

Deliciousness delivered. Our dessert ordering service gives flexibility and ease, meaning you don’t have to fight the traffic to pick up your child’s birthday cake. Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival and suddenly have more guests than you expected? Bakerzin’s mooncake delivery service to the rescue! Order cakes online today for fast delivery anywhere on the island. With locations across the city, there’s always a bakery close at hand, meaning you can get your sweets sooner.

Order cakes online for your next function from a skilled local baker

Is it coming up on September and you’re still looking for the best mooncakes in the city? Search no more. Bakerzin promises quality each and every time. Our chefs combine innovation and tradition in our pieces, bringing you fresh versions of classic favourites. Whether you want our signature strawberry shortcake or want to nibble at our macarons, we're the team for you.

Walk into any of the seven Bakerzin outlets across Singapore, or order online through our convenient store. Any questions? Get in touch today through our contact form or send an email to

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