Fruity, Tantalising Pineapple Tarts and More from Our Singapore Bakery

Discover the flavour of our region's fruits. Singapore has access to some of the world's best tropical fruits, and at Bakerzin we make sure we treat it with respect. We offer our customers a range of fruit-filled desserts running from the light and airy rainbow cake to our heavy, sumptuous pineapple tarts. Try something you won't find anywhere else in the world with our custardy, rich durian cake – one of the most delicious ways to experience this polarising fruit.

Delight the eyes and the tastebuds with our rainbow cake and our durian cake

At Bakerzin, we know people eat with their eyes as much as their mouths, so we make sure each and every one of our products looks as beautiful and as appealing as possible. From our mooncakes to our mousses, you'll find each one a delicious sensation from the moment you open the box.

Order online today or visit any of our outlets across the island. Any questions or want to make a larger order? Get in touch with us today at or fill in our enquiry form.

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