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Bakerzin Mooncake Collections 2019

Revel in the season of joyous reunions this Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore and celebrate with Bakerzin’s spellbinding array of award-winning mooncakes.

Year after year, Bakerzin raises the bar with its highly anticipated limited-edition creative mooncake flavours and well-loved fan favourites. Known for their award-winning mooncakes made from premium ingredients, this year’s line-up features a new boba-inspired Bobba Love Collection, a new baked skin Bean There Collection, as well as six other irresistible mooncake collections that are available for delivery in Singapore.

Classic meets contemporary at Bakerzin, and there will definitely be a mooncake flavour for everyone. The traditional flavours are perfect for those who love the classic favourites, whilst those who are more adventurous will go for the creative, modern flavours.

Health-conscious foodies and mooncakes lovers will be delighted to find that all Bakerzin mooncakes are handcrafted with premium less-sugar lotus paste, offering a healthier mooncake option for all our customers.

Bakerzin’s mooncakes have always been a hit amongst media darlings and critics, gathering a plethora of awards and accolades over the years. This year, shoppers are in for a treat with a wonderful array of mooncakes. Bakerzin will be rolling out 8 collections, focusing on the best-selling mooncakes, the classics, and the latest creations in Singapore.

Traditional Mooncakes

One of the most well-known traditional flavours, the new Bean There Collection showcases a new classic red bean collection with Bakerzin’s secret recipe and fragrant peanut oil. This is a flavour that our parents will love. Great for gifting, the Bean There Collection, as well as Bakerzin’s other baked-skin collections will now come in boxes of two.

• Traditional Red Bean Mooncake: Baked skin mooncake infused with fragrant red bean paste
• Traditional Red Bean Egg Yolk Blend Mooncake: Smooth red bean paste with Bakerzin’s signature egg yolk blend.

Other Traditional Baked Skin Mooncake Collections includes, Local Favourites, Inside Yolk and Bakerzin Signatures.

Snowskin Mooncakes

This year, Bakerzin is thrilled to unveil its brand-new limited-edition Bobba Love Collection.
The latest snowskin mooncake collection in Singapore features four stunning boba-inspired flavours, with delightful bits of chewy white boba.

• Pearl Latte Snowskin Mooncake: Bite through the delicate snowskin and indulge in the smooth, aromatic latte flavour along with chewy white boba bits.
• Pearl Yuan Yang Snowskin Mooncake: Made with Bakerzin’s in-house blend of Arabica beans, relish in the rich coffee aroma and tea fragrance along with chewy white boba bits.
• Kanten Passion Fruit Mango Grains Snowskin Mooncake: Enjoy the refreshing zest of all-natural passionfruit paste, sweet mango and kanten jelly.
• Kanten Matcha Red Bean Pomelo Snowskin Mooncake: Infused with Japanese matcha powder, shredded pomelo and soft red beans with kanten jelly.

Folllowing the success of the Brilliance Collection last year, this year’s Fruity Fun Collection brings back the healthy fruity collection featuring its star ingredient, the chia seeds. The superfood is an excellent source of health benefits, and each best-selling fruit flavour is given a generous dash of chia seeds in the lotus paste for a brilliant, healthy glow from within.

• Lychee Chia Seed Snowskin Mooncake [New] : A new flavour to join the line-up, treat yourselves to the sweet lychee fragrance of this fresh, fruity mooncake.
• Orange Chia Seed Snowskin Mooncake: : Zesty and tangy, the orange chia seed mooncake is a treat for the senses.
• Strawberry Chia Seed Snowskin Mooncake: A sweet and delectable perennial favourite, those with a sweet tooth will definitely reach for this pink delight.
• Honeydew Chia Seed Snowskin Mooncake: Fragrant with a mellow sweetness, the light flavours of the honeydew melds perfectly with the lotus paste.

A proven hot favourite amongst the younger crowds, the Tipsy Treats is a modern mooncake collection featuring delicious mooncakes infused with all-time favourite liqueurs such as: Apple Vodka, Butterscotch Baileys, Latte Kahlua and Coconut Liqueur.

Having won 2.5 stars out of 3 on popular Youtube Show ‘Food King Good’ by Night Owl Cinematics for this collection, it was sold out weeks before Mid-Autumn Festival when the video was published. Back by popular demand this year, grab your snowskin mooncake from our website in Singapore before they run out again!

• Apple Vodka Truffle Snowskin Mooncake: The crisp, refreshing flavour of the apple vodka complements the indulgent chocolate truffle and mooncake paste.
• Baileys Butterscotch Truffle Snowskin Mooncake: A smooth and buttery blend of the ever-popular butterscotch baileys encased in a truffle shell.
• Coconut Liqueur Truffle Snowskin Mooncake: The wildly popular coconut liquer is an interesting pairing with the sweet lotus paste.
• Latte Kahlua Truffle Snowskin Mooncake: For the coffee-lovers, this latte kahlua mooncake will definitely be a go-to favourite.

One of our Top 3 best-sellers, the Splendid Sesame Collection is ever popular for being one of the best sesame mooncakes on the market and is definitely unmissable from Bakerzin’s mooncake line-up. Savour the rich and aromatic fillings of the Peanut Butter crunch, Butterscotch blend and Coconut Egg Custard blend. For true blue Black Sesame fans, go for the hundred percent Pure Black Sesame Snow Skin Mooncake.

• Black Sesame Snowskin Mooncake: A 100% sesame indulgence for sesame lovers.
• Black Sesame Butterscotch Snowskin Mooncake: Creamy and buttery, the butterscotch is a heavenly blend with the roasted sesame paste.
• Black Sesame Peanut Butter Snowskin Mooncake: Savoury and sweet harmony with the rich peanut butter and lush fragrance of the sesame paste.
• Black Sesame Coconut Egg Custard Snow Skin: An interesting pairing not to be missed, the coconut egg custard is a surprisingly delicious blend.

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Mooncake Booths

Takashimaya B2 – 8 August to 13 September 2019
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Jurong Point – 26 August to 13 September 2019
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