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Bakerzin Mooncake Collections 2020

Revel in the season of joyous reunions this Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore and celebrate with Bakerzin’s spellbinding array of award-winning mooncakes.

Year after year, Bakerzin raises the bar with its highly anticipated limited-edition creative mooncake flavours and well-loved fan favourites. Known for their award-winning mooncakes made from premium ingredients, this year’s line-up features a new boba-inspired Bobba Love Collection, a new baked skin Bean There Collection, as well as six other irresistible mooncake collections that are available for delivery in Singapore.

Classic meets contemporary at Bakerzin, and there will definitely be a mooncake flavour for everyone. The traditional flavours are perfect for those who love the classic favourites, whilst those who are more adventurous will go for the creative, modern flavours.

Health-conscious foodies and mooncakes lovers will be delighted to find that all Bakerzin mooncakes are handcrafted with premium less-sugar lotus paste, offering a healthier mooncake option for all our customers.

Bakerzin’s mooncakes have always been a hit amongst media darlings and critics, gathering a plethora of awards and accolades over the years. This year, shoppers are in for a treat with a wonderful array of mooncakes. 

Traditional Mooncakes

One of the most well-known traditional flavours, the new Aromatic Latte showcases a new classic coffee-based with Bakerzin’s secret recipe and fragrant oil. This is a flavour that our parents will love. Great for gifting, the Aromatic Latte, as well as Bakerzin’s other baked-skin collections will now come in boxes of four.

Other Traditional Baked Skin Mooncake Collections includes, Classic Premium Egg Yolk Mooncake, Pandan Egg Yolk Mooncake and Classic Melon Seed Mooncake.

Snowskin Mooncakes

This year, Bakerzin is thrilled to bring back its all time favourites snowskin mooncakes.

• Lychee Chia Seed Snowskin Mooncake : A new flavour to join the line-up, treat yourselves to the sweet lychee fragrance of this fresh, fruity mooncake.
• Orange Chia Seed Snowskin Mooncake: : Zesty and tangy, the orange chia seed mooncake is a treat for the senses.
• Strawberry Chia Seed Snowskin Mooncake: A sweet and delectable perennial favourite, those with a sweet tooth will definitely reach for this pink delight.
• Honeydew Chia Seed Snowskin Mooncake: Fragrant with a mellow sweetness, the light flavours of the honeydew melds perfectly with the lotus paste.

• Apple Vodka Truffle Snowskin Mooncake: The crisp, refreshing flavour of the apple vodka complements the indulgent chocolate truffle and mooncake paste.
• Latte Kahlua Truffle Snowskin Mooncake: For the coffee-lovers, this latte kahlua mooncake will definitely be a go-to favourite.

• Black Sesame Snowskin Mooncake: A 100% sesame indulgence for sesame lovers.
• Black Sesame Peanut Butter Snowskin Mooncake: Savoury and sweet harmony with the rich peanut butter and lush fragrance of the sesame paste.

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