March's Cake of the Month - Watermelon Cake

Thursday | March 1, 2018 The refreshing “Watermelon Cake” is here! You have heard of it, you have seen it somewhere else before, and now, you can finally have the real deal here at Bakerzin! Promising the real deal, with premium ingredients, each layer is beautifully curated to please your visual attention. Lined with a naturally green pistachio sponge that is soft and gentle, layered with a contrasting lovely rose cream, and the centrepiece with a freshly sliced sweet watermelon to form with additional 1 additional set of sponge and cream, this tropical cake is every girl’s dream! Each bite tickles the curiosity of the palette, attempting to increase your appetite for a second serving. Wait no further and head down to an Bakerzin outlets for a slice during teatime or a whole cake for birthday celebration via online! Price $5.50/slice (different outlets subject to GST) | Whole Cake (Size 5, approx. 750g) $35 Not applicable with other credit card and card(s) promotions