[NEW] Special Menu @ Gardens by the Bay

Monday | September 10, 2018 Bakerzin introduces 4 masterful special dishes this September that have been meticulously crafted by our chefs and makes for a truly great gastronomic dining experience that perfectly balances color, flavors, and textures as only Bakerzin can.. Come on down and perk up your taste buds! Exclusively available at Bakerzin Gardens by the Bay Bistro and for a limited time only! • Asian Tangy Chicken Salad with Peeled Oranges – a zesty bowl of goodness, topped with chicken, orange, cherry tomato and mixed salad. • Chilli Crab Pasta – succulent crab pasta in an aromatic and spicy chilli base • Cheesy Pork Quesadilla – made from mixed herbs, marinated pork in quesadilla • Baked Sweet Pork Rib with Potato Wedges – meat lovers paradise