June's Cake of the Month - Pumpkin Chiffon

Friday | May 27, 2016 Features Kabocha, premium Japanese pumpkins - an ingredient that is favoured for its natural sweetness and smooth texture. Exquisite pumpkin cream is made by blending pumpkin flesh with Shiro-an, the white bean paste which is traditionally found in Japanese desserts. Equally piped in a spiral manner between layers of pumpkin infused chiffon cake, the earthy pumpkin cream balances the sweetness of delicate chantilly cream to achieve a perfect embodiment of harmony [wa和] - a key trait in Japanese culture. The cake is then topped with succulent piece of Kabocha - premium Japanese Pumpkins. Pumpkin Chiffon Cake will be available at all Bakerzin outlets and Bakerzin Eshops from 1 June 2016 onwards.